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News for 2013

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Nearly 100 members, Parents, Wives and Friends gathered in the Main Dowty Clubhouse just prior to Xmas 2013 for the Club's annual awards evening. Pete opened the proceedings with a summary of the relevant happenings throughout the year both on and off the mat, explaining amongst other things how the Judo Club continues to play a very prominent part in the overall running of Dowty Sports and Social Ltd, whilst at the same time protecting the future of the Judo Club itself. The Dojo itself has had more work carried out, and Pete went on to explain that the overall re-furb of the Dojo was now just about complete, and following the initial disappointment of having to shelf the proposed new Dojo, the existing building had now been improved to such an extent, that everyone felt that having to stay in the original Dojo was in fact a blessing in disguise, with many of the older Players feeling especially happier to stay in what they see as their sort of spiritual home.

The Club has undergone a stringent Clubmark Audit during the year, commissioned by the BJA, and had come through it with flying colours, illustrated by a very positive and praiseworthy letter from the Auditing Company.

The Club has maintained a healthy Squad of Juniors through the year, but Pete felt that the Senior Squad could be more active when considering the number of Seniors we have within the Club membership. We have also been somewhat unlucky with injuries, with Dean receiving a nasty bicep injury, and Don undergoing a knee replacement. Nevertheless the Club can still boast two British Masters Champions in Maria Ritchie, and Chris Andrews, plus other achievements worthy of recognition.

Early in 2014, both Noddy Lockey, and Mike Woodham will complete the work they have been putting in, by progressing from Instructors to BJA Level 1 Coaches.

So whilst 2013 had not been one of the Clubs most competitively active years, we were still able to come up with list of Players deserving of a Dowty award, Pete explained that he, Don and Dean, identified an achievement, and then attached a relevant award to it.

The full list was as follows:

Spirit of Judo,
Olly Matholie
Kerry Matholie
Izzie Butler
Archie Walsh
Jason Augh

Performance award,
Adam Shotbolt
Callum Woodham
Richard Mowbray
Ben Stanley

Continuing Performance award,
Nathan Berreclough

Junior Player of the Year,
James Dobson

Junior Players Player,
Callum Woodham

Senior Players Player,
Mike Woodham

Keith Wolvendale Shield,
Chris Ritchie

Paul Chadwick Spirit of Judo,
Chris Andrews

Player of the Year,
Maria Ritchie

Dowty Players have been active in recent weeks, with two of our Players gaining or enhancing their Dan Grade status.

17 years old Chris Ritchie, who has been at the Club since joining as a Junior, gained his first Dan at High Wycombe with the successful completion of his line-up. This success from Chris means that there are now three members of the Ritchie family at the Dowty Club with Dan Grade status, Chris follows in the footsteps of his Mum Maria who is a 2nd Dan, currently trying for her competitive 3rd, and brother Andy who is already a 1st Dan.

Still with Dan Grades, Ben Stanley who is now a member of the Dowty Club, has just completed his points requirement for his 2nd Dan.

At the same grading Jonathon Lockey (Noddy) made a start towards his 2nd Dan.

Long term Club member Nathan Lockey who is currently serving in the British Army took part in the Army Championships recently, and took the Gold in his new weight of -81kgs.

At the recent Gloucestershire Junior Open, James Dobson came up with the best Dowty performance by far with a Gold medal at u/46 kilo's winning all four of his contests. James is a comparative newcomer both to Dowty and the sport of Judo, but is already showing lots of promise.

Finally, the Dowty Club will hold their annual awards evening on the 18th December in the main Dowty Clubhouse.

Pete Salter

Following the decision to shelve for at least the time being, further work on the proposed new Dowty Dojo, work has continued on re-furbishing the existing Dojo, and one of the final phases will begin shortly with some further external and internal work. All but one of the exterior walls has been re-cladded, all windows have been replaced with double glazed units, and various internal work along with a new gee-mat purchased with a Sport England grant, has greatly enhanced the Club's existing premises, and hopefully prolonged its life for the foreseeable future.

Maria Ritchie and Chris Andrews have both retained their British Masters titles 2013 at the recent British Championships held in Kidderminster. Following their successes in Belfast last year, both Players travelled to the 2013 Championships fairly confident that they had put in the required amount of preparatory work at the Dowty Club, and good solid performances from both Players ensured they retained their current status. Both Maria and Chris have trained at the Dowty Club through their successful Junior, and Main stream contest careers, and are now enjoying equally successful Masters Careers.

The Dowty Clubs Masters Squad was somewhat depleted this year with injuries preventing participation for the likes of Dean Douglas, Steve Organ, Dave George and Martin Davies, but all are now near or back in training.

Players from the Dowty Judo Club travelled to Kidderminster for the Samurai Senior Kyu grade event, and although all three Players involved are in the Cadet class ie 17 years or under, they enjoyed a successful day.

Adam Shotbolt, one of the Clubs up and coming youngsters competing at -73kg had an excellent championship and with four straight wins came away with the Gold medal. Adam will shortly compete in the West of England Open event in the Cadet category.

Chris Ritchie, also still only 17 years of age, more than held his own with senior players at -81kg, and came away with the Silver medal in his category.

Likewise, Becky McNickle scored two wins before a rib injury caused her to withdraw, but still finished in Bronze position for her category.

From Wednesday 3rd July the session times will be as follows :

Junior (Age 7 and over) 6.30pm to 7.45pm
Senior 7.45pm to 9.15pm

Players from the Dowty Judo Club, at both Senior and Junior level have been active at various competitions around the Country.

At a Junior event in the Midlands, Harvey White, Max Gregory & James Dobson were all Gold medallists in a lower grade event, with Archie Walsh, Oliver Mathoulie, Oliver Stone, Brodie Brain, Kerry Mathoulie and Toby Williams all taking Silver.

In the West of England Junior closed, held at Kingsbridge in Devon, Brodie Brain took a Gold at -44kg, Nathan Berrecloth won Silver at -50kg, and James Dobson took a Bronze at -42kg.

Two of the Dowty Club's Senior Kyu grades, Adam Shotbolt and Tom Tobin took Silver and Bronze medals respectively at another Midland area event.

A senior Squad of six Players from the Club also took part in the High Wycombe Masters event, with Chris Andrews taking the Gold at -81kg, and Maria Ritchie also taking Gold at -71kg.

Finally, one of the Club's qualified Judo Coaches Bradley Salter, has won a British Masters title in another of the Martial arts of Ju-jitsu.

Peter Salter

Dowty Judo Club as a Bronze Clubmark award holder were selected at random to be externally audited by Knight, Kavanagh & Page.

The audit manager sent a very nice letter to the club and here are the comments pertaining to the club audit :

"The External Verification enables us to ensure that your national governing body is continuing to demonstrate the robustness of Clubmark as a quality accreditation scheme.
My colleague was particularly impressed with the set up at the Club and the welcoming atmosphere which has been created at your purpose built facility. Celebration of member's achievements and qualifications has helped to develop this and it is clear to visitors, such as my colleague, that the Club provides an enjoyable and positive experience for its members. It was particularly pleasing to hear of your offer to new members and beginners to the sport and how these are appropriately integrated into the Club. As always we appreciate your feedback regarding Clubmark and its wider promotion and can ensure you that all is being done to improve this in the ways you have suggested. The Club is a credit to you and other committee member's hard work. I look forward to hearing of many more successes in the future."

A small Squad of Dowty juniors attended the Bradley Stoke Training and Competition day, three of them took a Gold medal including young Callum Woodham at just 6 years of age:

Callum Woodham - Gold -27 Kg
Harvey White - Gold -30 kg
Brodie Brain - Gold -45 kg

A squad of 12 of the Dowty Club's comparatively new Junior intake travelled to Kidderminster for the Samurai mini-me's competition recently. The Club enjoyed an excellent day with some of the Squad both taking part in their first competition, and winning their first medal. Three of the group Harvey White, James Dobson, and Max Gregory took Gold's in their respective groups, and the remaining Players all took a medal of some description. The full list of successes were as follows:

Harvey White - Gold -30kg
Max Gregory - Gold -35kg
James Dobson - Gold -45kg
Archie Walsh - Silver -30kg
Oliver Mathoulie - Silver -31kg
Oliver Storey - Silver -30kg
Brodie Brain - Silver -45kg
Kerry Mathoulie - Silver -50kg
Toby Williams - Silver -67kg
Jessica Tryner - Bronze -42kg
Joe Davies - Bronze -45kg
Austin Solway - Bronze -63kg