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News for 2018

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High Wycombe Masters :
Martyn Davis - Bronze
Bryan Butler - Bronze

English Open :
Callum Woodham - Silver

West Junior Closed :
Oscar Gorodetskia - Gold
Callum Woodham - Silver

Kent International :
Callum Woodham - Gold
Oscar Gorodetskia - Gold

Samurai Kyu Grade :
Sam Pegler - Gold

West Open :
Oscar Gorodetskia - Silver

Kettering BJC Open :
Oscar Gorodetskia - Gold

Bristol Junior Open :
Oscar Gorodetskia - Gold
Callum Woodham - Gold
Edward Holder - Bronze

British Schools Qual :
Oscar Grodetskia - Gold
Edward Holder - Bronze

Samurai Orange & under :
Daniel Alcock - Gold
Cody Harvey - Gold
Owen Darlington - Bronze

Also we have one addition to our Dan Grade list :
Ben Rudman - 1st Dan

Ben Rudman is set to become the latest edition to the long list of Dowty Dan Grades by successfully completing a three man line-up at a recent BJA grading he attended in Hampshire. Having won his first two preliminary contests, this qualified Ben to take on a three man line-up, with wins against all three required in order to complete the Contest requirements on the day, which he duly achieved.

Ben started his Judo career at the Dowty Club some two years ago. Prior to that he had attended the Club as supportive parent to his son Kayden, who was already practising as a Junior, and who is building a successful career of his own. Ben made a fairly rapid rise through the KYU grade ranks, always with a clear eye on his goal of a Dan Grade. He now has to complete the theory requirements of his 1st Dan, which he is already well into.

Ben joins an impressive list of Players who have gained their various levels of Dan Grades with the Dowty Club over the years, and this list now numbers well in excess of seventy.

Pete Salter

West of England Team Event:
Gloucestershire, 2018 Senior Team Champions
Dowty Team members
Andy Ritchie
Jonathan Lockey
Gloucestershire, 2018 Pre Cadet and Cadet Team Champions
Dowty Team member
Kayden Rudman

National RED'S Squad :
Callum Woodham
Kayden Rudman

Somerset Open :
Oscar Pordeski - Gold
Kayden Rudman - Gold

Samurai Green and Under :
Oscar Pordeski - Silver
Kayden Rudman - Bronze

Bradley Stoke Training day/ Comp :
Daniel Alcock - Gold
Cody Howell - Silver
Owen Darlington - Bronze

Samurai Mini-Me :
Cody Howell - Gold
Vitali Kudelin - Silver
Henry Jelfs - Bronze

Yate Star Low Grade Event :
Cody Howell - Bronze

Samurai Orange and Under :
Vitali Kudelin - Gold
Oscar Gorodetskia - Silver

Patchway Open :
Oscar Gorodetskia - Gold
Cody Howell - Silver
Owen Darlington - Bronze

London Open :
Kayden Rudman - Bronze

There always seems to be plenty going on in the county, and 2017 was no exception. In my quarterly reports throughout the year, I tend to record the successes of some of the more high profile players in the county as they occur, so rather than repeat myself.....

Here is the rest of Pete's report.

The Club has held its 2017 awards evening. The event took place in the Dowty Sports and Social Clubhouse at Staverton, and was attended by some 70 Players, Junior and Senior, along with family and friends.

Chairman and Coach Pete Salter, reported on a good year for the Club with a steady level of competition successes, and whilst the Junior section would benefit from a small increase in members, the Senior section looks potentially very strong as older Juniors move into the Youth/Senior section.

As well as reporting on the competitive side of Club activity, Pete also emphasised the importance to the Club of the recreational Player, Junior and Senior, and also reported on a successful Clubmark re-validation. The Club's status as a Clubmark organisation, marks it down as a Club that fully meets all Sport England criteria in delivering the Sport of Judo. The Club's Coaches were all recognised.

The full list of Award winners was as follows:

Performance Awards:
Jason Au
Martin Davies
Dean Douglas

Outstanding Performance Awards :
Chris Andrews
Helena Harvey
Kayden Rudman
Callum Woodham

Spirit of Judo Awards :
Oscar Gorodetskiy
Henry Jelf
Goshia Jurgielewicz
Kasia Jurgielewicz
Cody Williams

Most Improved Youth Player :
Edward Holder

Most Improved Senior Player :
Ben Rudman

Junior Players Player :
Callum Woodham

Senior Players Player :
Mike Woodham

Paul Chadwick Spirit of Judo Shield:
Mike Woodham

Keith Wolvendale Shield:
Bryan Butler

Don Quinn Shield:
Nathan Berrecloth